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Fitness Classes

Atoka Fitness Class Schedule

Atoka Fitness Center offers numerous fitness classes from Monday to Saturday. 

Class Descriptions

TRX is a strength training class that uses suspension bands and your own body weight to strengthen, tone, and burn fat.

Hadley’s Boxing Training

Get a full body workout unparalleled by any other exercise regime. Boxing offers a combination of aerobic and muscle-building exercises that makes this old sport one of the hottest workouts available!  For those who want to punch their way into shape, we promise you can LEARN to BOX, GET FIT – WITHOUT GETTING HIT.  Those who want to learn self-defense, or compete; Hadley’s Boxing Training offers the environment where you can hone your skills.  Push-ups, sit-ups, medicine ball workouts, heavy and speed bag and punch mitts are all part of the arsenal. Group and individual training are available. Light or heavy sparring sessions are available for the adventurous.  Come train with the 6 time Memphis and Mid-South golden glove winner Joey Hadley!

Yoga is a relaxing fitness workout that focuses on all muscle areas in the body. Yoga is used to calm anxiety and enhance general body awareness while increasing balance, strength and flexibility. Our enthusiastic Yoga instructor, Amy, makes the class fun and enjoyable!

Aikido is a Japanese combative martial art for anyone at any age! It is a real-world, self-defense system that is so simple it's difficult. Aikido is an art that seeks to harmonize with the opponent's energy and use it against him. Students of Aikido train to unbalance their opponents while applying various wristlocks, arm pins, and throws to neutralize aggressors. Aikido is not a sport and there are no competitive tournaments.

Kevin Thornton Sensei has been a serious practitioner of various martial arts for more than 28 years. He has studied Aikido for more than 15 years.  Kevin is an affiliated dojo of Aikido World Alliance under Andrew Sato Sensei (7th Dan Shihan). 

Zumba is a rhythmic dance class that focuses on all muscle groups. You burn, sculpt, tone, and strengthen muscles by dancing to choreographed routines that are effective and fun! Emma has been the main Zumba instructor since we opened. She is also a certified meal planner and does a great deal of work with weight watchers and other programs. Come let her help you change your life!

Iaido is the art of the Japanese sword and has been formally taught in Japan for centuries. Iaido techniques are real, samurai techniques developed and proven in battle over hundreds of years in feudal Japan. Iaido is the art of smoothly drawing the sword, cutting the opponent, removing the blood and returning the sword to its sheath.

Kevin Thornton Sensei has been a personal student of Harry Dach Sensei for many years. Harry Dach Sensei lived and studied Iaido in Japan for many years and made world history when he became the first non-Asian to achieve 5th-degree black belt in Iaido in Japan.

Goju Ryu Karate
Goju Ryu karate is an Okinawan style of karate passed down from the Miyagi family. Goju Ryu Karate teaches discipline, respect of others, as well as self-defense. Peyton Burnett Sensei holds a Nidan rank, has held a black belt rank for 15 years, and has been teaching children and adult karate at the Atoka Fitness Center since opening in 2011.

Peyton Burnett Sensei is wonderful with children, making each class fun and exciting while instilling respect for one another and diligence in good technique. In his teen/adult classes, it is apparent he deeply understands Goju Ryu and helps each individual at his/her level.

Karate/Kid’s Karate
These lessons include standard Karate techniques and skills for ages 5 and up.

Kid’s Yoga
This class is designed to welcome very young yogi's into the gym. Yoga is a calm and relaxing fitness workout that focuses on all muscle areas in the body. It also strengthens balance and flexibility Children will begin to learn exercise while having fun! With the aid of Amy, children learn skills that increase strength and coordination. This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, and strength!

The SilverSneakers program is for those who have an insurance plan that offers the membership. The insurance company sends you a 16-digit card in the mail to use for access purposes. The fitness classes themselves are low-impact agility workouts that focus on muscle toning and muscle retention strength. Classes are sometimes done sitting in chairs

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